What Does HYU Mean In Texting? (Also HMU & HRU)

Technology does a great job of keeping people connected but also introduces some gray areas in communication. The use of slang acronyms has spread across texting, social media platforms, and occasionally email, making communication faster. But some people need clarification. For example, what does HYU mean in texting?

HYU is an acronym for “hit you up,” meaning to contact a person at a later time. This short form of a slang phrase is used when someone is too busy to continue a text conversation. The phrase is used in a light-hearted manner with a friendly tone.

Although acronyms like HYU, HMU, and HRU make modern communication more manageable, they confuse some people like me. I had to look up these acronyms when my teenager sent them to me. So, to break down this communication barrier, I’m detailing what these terms mean.   

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What Does HYU Mean?

As mentioned, HYU stands for hit you up. It’s used to promise another person you’ll get in touch with them. It’s synonymous with “I’ll message you,” “I’ll call you,” or any other version of you’ll get in touch later

It hints to the recipient that you want to catch up and talk more with them, but you don’t have time now. However, unlike “call me” or “text me,” HYU is universal and includes different methods of communication.

When it’s used in a conversation, it may look something like this:

Taylor: I had a great time today. When can I see you again?

Sandra: Thanks, me too. I’ll HYU when I’m in town again. But I don’t know when that will be. 

The key to “hit you up” is that it’s friendly and informal, having a positive connotation. This is the same for the reverse phrase HMU.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU stands for “hit me up.” 

It’s similar to HYU from earlier but from the other person’s perspective. 

If a friend tells you HMU, they’re inviting you to contact them. You could call, email, or text them at a later time or date that’s undetermined (it’s up to you). Again, this is used informally and between good friends.  

You can find HMU use in social networks, online chats, texting, and internet memes. You likely won’t see it used in emails. 

HMU use in a conversation could look like this:

Mary: Been a while since we’ve hung out. 

Caleb: I’ve been swamped with work lately.

Mary: I’d love to hang out on Saturday.

Caleb: Sorry, I’m out of town this week.

Mary: No problem, HMU when you’re back.

Caleb: Cool.

Although HMU is often used to request another person to get in touch when they can, people use it in other situations.

Since HMU is an open invitation to contact back, it can be used when flirting. Texting it opens the door for the other person to keep the conversation going, but just a little later. You can also use it in dating apps, where you may come across a profile description like “HMU if you love piña colada and love dancing in the rain.”

HMU can also be used to ask for suggestions. For instance, if you’re new to a city and are looking for a good bar, you may put this up ‘Where’s a good place to have a good time and a drink? HMU with great suggestions.’

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Where Did HMU Come From?

Some people attribute the growth of “hit me up” to pagers in the 1990s (which makes me feel old). While early pagers could only receive numeric pages, later versions, just before cell phones became widespread, allowed the receipt of a minimal number of alphanumeric characters. 

But the truth is that the actual origin of the abbreviation isn’t known. Like other acronyms, HMU appeared, and people like me are just late using it.

Using HMU in Texts

Text is the most common place you’ll find other people using HMU and other acronyms. Although there aren’t strict spelling rules, there are variations you’ll come across. 

  • HMU – using this acronym alone and in capital letters communicates a sense of urgency in your contact request
  • hmu – lowercase within other text comes across as laid-back and casual
  • HMU at the end or beginning of your message is best if you don’t want to risk being misunderstood. 

What Does HRU Mean?

The confusing bit about this acronym is that the second and third letters of this short slang are not acronyms. Instead, R and U are slang terms that sound like “are” and “you.”

Its use in texts is like in face-to-face conversations. It’s a friendly way of greeting someone and showing interest in their lives. 

A question mark may not follow it, but it’s a question.

Examples of HRU:

Mandy: Hey, hru?

Lily: Great. Just chilling. 

Overall, chatting with an acquaintance or friend online differs from real life. Add fun to the experience by throwing in some interesting acronyms, GIFs, and emojis. 

Just remember to use it with someone who’d understand what you mean, lest you experience a communication breakdown or confuse 40-something-year-olds like me.

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