About Mike Chu

About mike chu

A graduate of the University of North Georgia, Mike Chu earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. The University’s Army Officers Training Corps prepared him for business leadership and education.

Mike has held professional positions in both the public and private sectors as a programmer and systems integrations engineer. He has an affinity for small, skunk-works-type, projects and teams that are cracking the hard goals. More than twenty years ago, he started programming university websites during his internship, and now, he’s returned to higher education looking to educate minds.

When he’s not at a keyboard writing code or prose, Mike is wandering around an unvisited, world city with his family exploring its attractions, architecture, history, food, and fine art. His favorite hobby is language and financial learning. You might also find him as an extra/background actor in several movies, but professionally, he’ll tell you that if he wasn’t fulfilling his passion for technology and teaching, he’d be working in the field of material science. He’s kind of a nerd. 🤓

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About mike chu