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I’m always asked what I use to keep my data private and secure. I’ve compiled the following recommended tech which I’ll continuously update. Some of these suggestions might be a bit techie and may not fit everyone’s level of consumer polish. Learning how the technology works and taking control of it is an integral part of becoming a true Data Overhauler. 😉


SoftwareReplace ThisWith ThisComplete Replacement
Operating SystemMicrosoft WindowsLinux Mint (or any Linux distribution), Apple OSXYes
Productivity softwareMicrosoft OfficeLibreOffice, FreeOfficeYes
BrowserMicrosoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple SafariFirefoxBraveTor BrowserYes
Digital NotebookMicrosoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple NotesJoplinTurtlYes
Password Manageryour brain/memory, sticky note on your monitor, your phone’s addressbook etcBitwarden or the retail service
Two-Factor Authenticationnot using it, codes sent via SMSAegisFreeOTPAndOTP
PDF ReadingAdobe Acrobat ReaderYour browserYes
PDF EditingAdobe AcrobatMaster PDF EditorYes
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ServiceReplace ThisWith ThisComplete Replacement
Email, Calendar, ContactsGmail, iCloud, Outloook, etcMailfence*, Tutanota, ProtonMail*Yes
Online StorageGoogle Drive, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etcNextcloudKeybase*, or use Cryptomator
Bookmark SyncingGoogle Chrome, Apple SafariBraveYes
PrintingGoogle Cloud PrintWifi or USBAlmost
MusicGoogle Play Music, Spotify, PandoraPlex (my owned music)No
VPNPrivate Internet Access PIAMullvadTor BrowserProtonVPN*Yes
Search EngineGoogle, BingDuckDuckGoQwant, SearxMostly
Credit CardGiving your credit card number*Yes
Video ConferencingZoom,, WebEx, Microsoft TeamsJitsi MeetYes
Video StreamingYouTubeInvidious & LBRY*Yes
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HardwareReplace ThisWith ThisComplete Replacement
Laptopmost consumer laptopsPurism Librem Laptops, Apple laptops with attention to configurationYes
Wifi RouterGoogle Wifi, your provider’s routeranonaboxFlashRoutersYes
Home Assistant/ AutomationGoogle Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePodDon’t use these, but maybe MycroftNo


Hardware/AppReplace ThisWith ThisComplete Replacement
SmartphoneApple iPhone, most commercial Android-based phonesCalyxOS, GrapheneOSPurism Librem PhonePinephoneAlmost
MessagingiMessage, Android MessagesSignal, Briar, JamiYes
BrowserChrome, SafariBrave, Bromite, Firefox Focus/KlarYes
KeyboardGboardAnySoftKeyboard, GrammarlyMostly
WiFi managerNot using oneWiFi AutomaticYes
VPNGoogle or othersMullvadTor BrowserProtonVPN*, Wireguard (with trusted VPN)Yes
App FirewallNot using oneTrackerControl, NetGuard, LockdownYes
WeatherGoogle Weather, WeatherBug, etcForecastieYes
PDF & Book reading, TTSAdobe, iBooks, FoxitLibrera PROYes
AudiobookSmart AudioBook Player, Listen Audiobook PlayerVoiceYes
PodcastAnything from Google Play AntennaPodYes
Android App LauncherYour manufacturer’s launcherKISS launcher, reviewed othersYes
Email AppGmail, OutlookNine Email, K-9 Mail, ProtonMail*, TutanotaYes
Background Noise Generators for Focus and ProductivityWhite Noise, Sleepa, etcNoice, Binaural BeatsYes
Voice Recorderbuilt-inVoice Recorder, Audio RecorderYes
Location ServicesGoogle Maps or Apple Find MyHauk, OpenTracksMostly
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Want More Recommendations?

Throughout this blog, I’m constantly referring to other resources, channels, etc in the industry. Explore more with me:

Tools We Use To Bring You This Site

ToolWhat it does
Missinglettr*Generate creative social media posts and schedule their release.
Beacon*Produce beautiful guides, checklists, ebooks, etc using existing blog entries or easily create from scratch.
RelayThatCreate eye-catching thumbnails for videos and social media along with informative infographics.
TextGoods*Pen highly-researched and concise articles about any topic you can imagine and of course Internet Privacy. 😉
Grammarly*Forge consistent compositions with industry-leading grammar checking and plagiarism detection.
Dreamstime*Hunt down the perfect illustration, photo, or video for your projects.
Happy Scribe*Create amazingly accurate subtitles and transcripts for your videos with a blazingly fast editor that includes multi-language translations.
Ezoic*Accelerates website performance and includes AI-powered display advertising.
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