About Data Overhaulers

Data Overhaulers is a technology education project of Acumentation, Inc that teaches our audience about online security, privacy, and data control. The project uses this website and other media outlets along with private consultation to build user technology awareness and understanding.

“We put technology into terms everyone can understand, so everyone can take control of their data.”

Mike Chu

Our Story & Mission

Acumentation, Inc. started in 2009 as a technology consulting company. After more than a decade of building expertise in software development, systems integration, and technical documentation, we’ve branched out into the under-served area of technology education with Data Overhaulers. We find that many novices and even experienced users show interest in better understanding of every-day technology.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

The Economist, June 5, 2017

The venerable UK mathematician Clive Humby is widely credited to have first made the value comparison between oil and data. While some will point out differences, the refinement and leveraging of data into usable information and the influence and power that it brings underpins the equitable value comparison.

Data Overhaulers is on a mission to increase awareness of how technology works as the first step for our audience to begin exerting control over their data and personal information.